Myanmar-Burma sailing and diving yacht charters

Our diving and sailing charters in Myanmar (Burma) take you to remote areas of the Mergui Archipelago where you will rarely see any other yacht.

The Mergui Archipelago is a unique area both above and below water and the dive sites there are absolutely fantastic.

There are over nine hundred islands, all but two of them uninhabited, scattered over an area of some 12,000 square miles.

You will never forget the breathtaking scenery, virgin rainforests and diving on reefs that have never been explored before.

Because of it's isolation, this place is only superficially charted, the interior of many of the islands has never been surveyed at all.

Wildlife is abundant, as is the vegetation on the rain forest-clad islands. Beaches are clean and stretch for miles. Pure nature!

Underwater there is world class diving to be found

Reefs, drop- offs, seamounts, caves and tunnels, which sometimes cut right trough an island with exits on both sides. Enough to keep every diver very happy.

Fish life is abundant.

Scuba diving in the Mergui Archipelago usually means frequent encounters with sharks, manta rays, large swarms of eagle rays, and occasionally, whale sharks. The reefs are in excellent condition .

Diving season in Burma runs from October to May. The visibility can be up to 50 metres with water temperatures of 25 – 28°C. These are excellent diving condition!

And if you hope to see some pelagic fish, then the best time to dive is between February and May. You have better chances to see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

All of yachts like exploring and, if guests want to, new sites which have never been dived before are tried out.

No other yacht around

Choose one of our yachts below for your personal sailing and diving experience

The only humans you are likely to encounter are the friendly Moken Sea Gypsies who roam the area in their small boats, like their ancestors have done for centuries.

About Diving and Sailing in Burma

Where do the trips start?

A typical trip on our sailing yachts will look like this:

Trips start from Kawthung, just across the river from Ranong, Thailand’s most northerly port on the Andaman Sea.

The Cruise Begins

The cruise starts the late afternoon of your arrival, the yacht will anchor for the night at a quiet island some distance from Kawthung.

How do I get there?

Normally guests fly into Phuket.From Phuket they will be transferred by air-conditioned mini van to Ranong. The transfer takes about 4 hours, the bus will stop for lunch which is included.

From Ranong it is a half-hour crossing by long-tail ferry boat to the bustling coastal seaport of Kawthung.

After The Trip

After your cruise you will be ferried back to Ranong where your taxi will be waiting to take you to the airport or back to Phuket.